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Wazwan in Tin Packs


" If there is a heaven on earth, it is definitely here, here and only here "

These are the famous words of Great Mughal Emperor Jehangir in the praise of Kashmir. Jehangir was greatly impressed by the scenic beauty and lifestyle of Kashmir. This heaven on earth was further beautified and developed under the patronage of Mughal Dynasty, who being the great  lovers of beauty cherished in its  development.  The very fine art of cooking tasty and nourishing food was yet another specialty of Kashmir , especially the traditional cuisine of  Kashmir - "  Wazwan "

We welcome you to this heaven on earth for this very specialty, Wazwan !

It is said that anybody who visited Kashmir without tasting the famous cuisine Wazwan didn't infact visit Kashmir and the lovers of Wazwan further say that anybody who didn't taste the wazwan at Mughal Darbar didn't actually had the real thing. Besides being the heaven of tasty traditional food we are known world over for the wide range of cuisines, Continental, Traditional, Mughlai, Chinese .... The taste of our food has earned us  the praise " The taste of nation ".

Besides food Mughal Darbar is a comfortable couch for homesick and comfort loving Tourists.


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