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A delicious Kashmiri recipe. Rista is made with mutton meat balls simmered in a red spicy gravy.

Rista is a restructured meat product of Kashmiri wazwan prepared from meat emulsion with added fat (20%), salt, cumin, and cardamom seeds. The emulsion is prepared from mutton or beef depending on local, ethnic, or regional taste. The emulsion is manually pounded along with fat using a specially designed wooden hammer called goshpare (gosh means meat and pare means hammer) over a stone platform called maz-kaane (maz means meat and kaene means stone), and spices, salt, and a small quantity of chilled water are added while it is being minced. The meat emulsion is then pressed by hands and rolled between palms into compact balls. The meatballs are then processed in gravy to get rista as the finished product. The gravy is made from water, red chilli extract, hydrogenated vegetable oil, and a ground spice mixture and condiments

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